Supported Kiosk, are successful kiosk

We believe that supported kiosk are the ones that achieve success. At Hubmeal, our team is comprised of professionals in business development, food science, real estate, design, and more. Our philosophy is simple: we strive to provide not just delicious and healthy food, but also a level of service that brings happiness to people. We achieve this through education and training.

In 2022, we established Hubmeal Street Food Education in Malaysia. This dedicated facility serves as a hub for research and development, as well as street food education. Our team of over 20 food menu researchers work tirelessly to create a distinctive menu with exceptional flavors. We also provide food street education and training to all kiosk employees and partners, ensuring that our brand identity and quality are maintained across all our kiosk stores.

Our support for kiosk street food franchises includes comprehensive training programs, assistance in site selection and development, effective marketing and advertising strategies, and ongoing support for various aspects of kiosk operations.

With our support and collaborative environment, we empower our franchisees to succeed in their kiosk street food businesses. Together, we work towards the goal of delivering exceptional food and service that brings happiness to our customers.