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Desiring to provide comfortable rooms to tenants due to their disappointment with the living room being converted into a room that was previously inhabited during their early migration to the capital city, “Nailing here and there and placing thin cloth as dividers. Even the pillows and mattresses had an unpleasant smell. While I was living there, I made a vow, one day, if I have my own house, I will ensure that tenants live comfortably,” determined Muhamad Ajmal Muhamad. From a single rental room, it grew to a total of 700 rental rooms.


The sky is not always clear, businesses that were thriving suddenly had to close down due to the Covid-19 pandemic that swept the world.

This situation occurred when many tenants were unable to pay rent, causing his company to be affected and eventually shut down. “Payments couldn’t be settled, many people were affected. We were also affected. When it was over, we closed down all the units. Imagine, at that time, there were hundreds of mattresses, wardrobes, televisions, and washing machines.

“During the Movement Control Order (PKP), we tried to sell them, but there were no buyers. I told my team that we couldn’t do business with people anymore; we should do business only with Allah. Let’s donate everything.

As a result of that situation, he, who was in the Titanium mentoring program, had to reluctantly leave the program and join Spire. “From Spire, I had to go down to Elite X because I couldn’t afford it at that time,” he expressed, facing a bitter situation at that time.


Even when his business collapsed, his father was experiencing a critical back pain. But his father’s love never wavered, even in the face of severe health issues, the late father continued to provide unwavering support to his eldest son. Before his father took his last breath, he left three messages that became Muhamad Ajmal’s guiding principles. “First, Dad wants you to promise that no matter how hard you fall, you must rise again. Promise Dad to revive this business.

“It doesn’t matter if you want to make food or anything else, Dad supports you. Promise Dad to revive it until it succeeds. “Before dawn, wake up for tahajjud prayer, two units. No matter how lazy you are, perform the tahajjud prayer. Go for congregational Fajr prayer at the mosque every day and teach it to your children and grandchildren,” his father instructed. The second message was to celebrate and take care of his mother as best as possible, as there is blessings in it. The third message was not to neglect the tahajjud prayer and perform the congregational Fajr prayer.

Meanwhile, during the last One-on-One session with Entrepreneur Mentor, Datuk Wira Dr. Azizan Osman, he advised to meet with the founder of Subdepo, Mohd. Hilmi Abdul Ghani, to learn about roadside businesses. “I also met Hilmi Subdepo. He was also one of the Titans. Hilmi suggested that I venture into franchising. So, I started the Subdepo business (chicken cutting). I did it for a year and learned how to do it,” he explained.

CIRCLE OF SUPPORT Although he had to start a new business, it did not make Muhamad Ajmal continuously mourn and resent the situation.


Firmly, even in challenging times, it is important to be in the right circle. “But honestly, because of my good circle, my Titan friends came to support me. They said, ‘Ajmal, how are you now? Ajmal, you have to rise again. You have to revive it’,” he said. At the same time, he also reflected on what made his previous company grow rapidly. “I thought, I learned from Dr. Azizan. I couldn’t just leave without going back to Dr. Azizan. That’s why I applied to return to Titan after starting a new business,” he said.

Meanwhile, he recalled the moments of his first journey when attending RichWorks, the Intensive Magnet of Wealth & Success (IMKK) in 2014. “Back then, in order to attend IMKK, I sold everything I had in the store. I looked at what items I had and sold them on mudah.my platform,” he shared, demonstrating the sacrifices made to acquire knowledge.


As a result of the Movement Control Order (PKP), Muhamad Ajmal started a new business, Hubmeal. The mentor’s words often lingered in his mind, that every problem presents an opportunity. While walking in the IOI shopping center, he noticed that a Korean food restaurant was receiving a good response.

Muhamad Ajmal realized that when the restaurant was crowded with customers, they would briefly pause to take orders from Grab and Foodpanda. Recognizing this opportunity, instead of just offering chicken cuts, he added a new menu item, Korean fried chicken. “Hubmeal focuses on Korean fried chicken. Hubmeal also provides a platform for entrepreneurs to learn about business and start their own businesses. “Even though we operate on the streets, by 2023, we aim to produce 100 Hubmeal entrepreneurs,” he emphasized.

Moreover, to start Hubmeal, he also referred to his Titan friends, Nordin Mat and Najib Jalil, who manage GTR Burger.


Muhamad Ajmal doesn’t have just one, but 27 business mentors from within and outside the country. “After learning from Dr. Azizan during the first program, I learned from 26 other mentors, including Tony Robbins.

“I invested hundreds of thousands for knowledge, learning from the Chinese, going to Singapore, Bangkok, and other places,” he said. According to Muhamad Ajmal, although the programs he attended were in the form of classes and seminars, not coaching as recommended by RichWorks.

“Coaching is important, and so is who coaches us. If we have the wrong coach, it’s all wasted. Many people claim to be coaches outside, but they don’t produce results,” he emphasized. Despite having 27 business mentors, Dr. Azizan is special to him. “Dr. Azizan is special because he simplifies complicated things he has learned. He makes the knowledge easy for us to understand. “Dr. Azizan also “Islamizes” Western knowledge.

It’s like getting Western food, given a steak, but Dr. Azizan transforms it into nasi lemak. “In a more ‘Malay and Islamic’ way. That kind of value is valuable. Even though I have learned from other mentors,” he explained why he continues to learn and receive guidance within Titan.